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Caribbean Breeze Community Outreach is a newly formed 501c nonprofit organization

Updated: Oct 11, 2021


Caribbean Breeze Community Outreach

Sacramento, CA;USA - September 17, 2021

From the first dinner we served in our restaurant, to our first awards, and now our nonprofit community organization, we have been truly honored to serve in the community we love.

Our loyal patrons and dedicated team all deserve a huge THANK YOU for helping us reach this tremendous milestone of establishing our nonprofit organization. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

Caribbean Breeze Community Outreach is a newly formed 501c nonprofit organization that serves the general Sacramento area.

The mission of the Caribbean Breeze Community Outreach is to transform and sustain underprivileged communities, to live a better life through Mental, Physical, Financial, Spiritual and Social change; by showing compassion, generosity, and hope for those who believe they are hopeless. Serving the Greater Sacramento Region.

Our history derives from the first restaurant we opened “Caribbean Breeze Cuisine” in 2012.

Chef Vincent Semper and his wife Amelia-Kelly Semper are Caribbean Island natives and they served the community daily bread and fruits of the spirit, in addition to toiletries and many other items they just gave away!

Those who know Chef Vincent and his wife Amelia know they nurtured their restaurant for over 8 years supporting the community they live and work in.

“We have been Blessed over the years and love to support our local community” says Executive-Chef Vincent Semper. For many years Caribbean Breeze Cuisine Restaurant opened its door to their local community giving back throughout the year.

"You can find a full list of items to donate by visiting the Community Outreach website:

To learn more about our vision and how you can help please contact Amelia at (916) 667-8082 or via email or our website: mailto

Caribbean Breeze Community Outreach is located in Sacramento, CA 95828; 1-916-667-8082;

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