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Caribbean Breeze Community Outreach (CBCO) is passionate in reaching out and showing love to those that find themselves in need of life’s basic daily requirements.  


Our goal is to be A LIGHT IN DARKNESS for the homeless and hungry within the communities of Sacramento and beyond.   We provide food, water, clothing, health care items, personal care items, blankets, books, Christian literature and welcoming smiles.   


We also make referrals to outside services and employers. 

This Christian ministry offers compassionate spiritual encouragement sharing God’s Good News individually and in group sessions.  We strive to uplift and motivate, reminding all that today’s circumstances are todays; tomorrow’s might be miraculously changed!  


God is able to transform any and all when we place our faith and trust in HIM. That’s the Hope a Christian has, even when things look hopeless.

EVERYONE MATTERS, it is the goal of CBCO to make that known to those we serve.    

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